If I don’t know you personally, I’m not going to tip my hand.

If I do know you personally, phone me up (because you have my number), and I’ll fill you in on the big picture.

The details are still pretty vague.

But I can say this: I’ve never seen anyone write or even speak about what I’ve got planned to happen here.



December 9, 2006

Ruby on Rails

Ok, I heard the hype, time to try it out.

Already have Ruby installed from some previous fit of geekery.

Need to get RubyGems installed. Download the zip file. Extract. Move to ~/local. $ cd into directory. $ less README… ok, looks easy, go for it:

$ ruby setup.rb
ruby: no such file to load -- ubygems (LoadError)

Whoops. WTF? Now what?

The installation file setup.rb is a ruby script, a script in a language I know nothing about. The string “ubygems” doesn’t exist in setup.rb. Why do I have to go to google for this? How hard could this be?

Installing rubygems failed the 6 second rule. Darn. The time (30 minutes) I wanted to spend playing with Ruby on Rails will be absorbed in searching the web to figure out how to install it. Sure, google’s first hit on “ubygems” provides a possible solution, but if it’s that easy, why isn’t dealt with in the install script?

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